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Moravská chalet - Giant Mountains

Welcome to the website of Moravská bouda, one of the most beautiful and well-preserved ridge mountain lodges. It is one of the few that has preserved its architectural authenticity and history of the time of its construction.

Its location in the central part of the Giant Mountains ridge and its at an altitude of 1,225 m above sea level, it is an ideal starting point for your summer and winter hiking.

History of Moravská chalet

Historie - Moravská bouda

The history dates back to the first half of the 19th century, when on the site of today's lodge stood a simple shelter used to cover hay from the local meadows, first used in summer season. Over time, the hay was left until the snow fell and the sleighs, known as horns, were used to carry the hay. it was brought down to the valley.

Historie - Moravská bouda

Gradually the mountains were more and more visited by tourists and they did not want to return to the valley. to spend the night. Therefore, in 1876, the Erlebachs, the owners at the time, built the first year-round building, which offered both accommodation and modest refreshments for visitors to the mountains and the surrounding area. Shed was named Daftebaude, after one of the sons of David, who later ran the hut. The family came from David's nearby lodges. Over time, the lodge added rooms to match the the comforts of the time.

Historie - Moravská bouda

This included, of course, the farmhouse, which is still visible today in the back of the shed. a couple of horses, a few cows and other livestock.

Historie - Moravská bouda

During the occupation and the war the hut was used for training German troops. It was also used for for the accommodation of young recruits of the German army. After the war and the removal of most of the German population the hut was placed under the administration of hotels and restaurants and used for ROH recreation. it was also renamed Moravská chalet and has kept this name until today.

Historie - Moravská bouda

After 1989 it changed hands several times. The current owner has owned the hut since 1994, Marek Dvořák is the tenant, who has been running it together with his wife since 1999.

Historie - Moravská bouda

The location of Moravská bouda is unique not only because of its altitude of 1,225 m above sea level, but also because of its position in central part of the Krkonoše Mountains. It is an ideal place for both summer and winter hiking, especially in winter for skiing and cross-country skiing on groomed trails in the surroundings. Moravská bouda is one of the few Krkonoše that has not been destroyed by various reconstructions in the turbulent times. Its part remains restaurant area with a carved chandelier from 1932 with motifs of rural life. I The reconstruction of the entire building was carried out sensitively with respect to its history.

Come and stay with us.

Historie - Moravská bouda
Historie - Moravská bouda
Historie - Moravská bouda

We offer you

  • Ski lifts near the property
  • Parking in the summer season at the property and in winter we will bring you, secured 2,5km from the cottage
  • Non-smoking environment
  • Accommodation suitable for families with children
  • Family anniversaries, celebrations, weddings
  • School stays, ski courses
  • Restaurant with excellent home cooking


Restaurace - Moravská bouda


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